First, Do No Harm: Analyzing the Certificate of Need Debate in North Carolina

[To download the PDF version of this report, please click here] [To read a full-screen version of this report, please click here]   Executive Summary Much of the debate over Certificate of Need laws has focused on market theories instead of measurable realities. In this report, Ascendient seeks to expand the perspective beyond a one-dimensional […]

CHNA Requirements: Red Tape or Real Opportunity?

Amid the avalanche of change unleashed by the Affordable Care Act, the CHNA requirement for not-for-profit hospitals has often been viewed as a relatively minor or distant concern. But in 2013, with the elections over and appeals all but exhausted, that concern is no longer minor, and the deadlines are no longer distant. Over the […]

Readmission Penalties: Plan Now to Stay Ahead of the Curve

After months of anxious uncertainty, every hospital in America now knows exactly where it stands on one of the initial priorities in healthcare reform: reducing readmissions. For the vast majority, the news is not good. Faced with a maximum 1% cutback in Medicare payments, two-thirds of all hospitals evaluated by CMS will receive some type […]